Friday, 4 May 2012

Giggle bike

The fab chaps at Jack Lilley let me run off with their bikes from time to time, occasionally with a genuine need, sometimes for fun. This time the Tiger was in for it's first service so I was given the keys to a Street Triple. I've ridden one before so I happily threw my leg over, turned the key and ......giggled! It was so small compared to my Tiger it was like getting on a toy bike. I couldn't help but grin and giggle! That's not a criticism by the way, I love it. Fun, nippy, light, not too tall. As I rode it to work it hit me, it would be a great first bike. It looks great, you'd look great on it, ladies short of leg would probably be fine, easy to handle. The only risk is that you could cause some trouble on this thing :-) . So if you're thinking about your first bike, check it out, you'll have a grin and a giggle if you do!

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