Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The first journey of many ... Part 2

The first time I sat on it I lost my heart. It was an enormous, beautiful creature and I couldn't believe how comfortable or light it was, I had no idea that such an amazing bike could be a serious, sensible contender for my first bike. A classic cruiser, the Triumph Speedmaster turned heads and I drooled over photos of it in gleaming cranberry red until the day I could pick up my own . It's a real eyecatcher, a looker that means business; I gained a new level of respect from the 'blokes' at work and everyone who saw it was impressed. It was the ideal first bike for me. Big enough for me to feel that I had a strong road presence, low enough that my feet were flat on the floor (plus with knees bent I had a lot of control over the bike when waiting at lights or 'walking' it into a parking space). It was hugely comfortable to ride, very little vibration, perfect for leisurely trips to the coast. I was so proud, my first bike was something I had dreamed of owning, I didn't have to make a single compromise. I completed the look with Kevlar jeans and a retro style leather Triumph jacket. The picture was complete. My 'biker buddy' James is a Harley rider and with our cruisers we made a great team and quickly fitted in a couple of rides to the coast. I would polish it to within an inch of its life and planned over night trips in the spring, the world was my oyster and I was going to be exploring it in style!

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